1. Proof of current vaccine records for Rabies and DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Para Influenza, Parvovirus).

2. Proof of Neuter/ SPay if over 6 months old. 

*If your dog is not neutered or fixed and they are over 6 months old, they will be kept seperate from the other dogs and go on walks through out the day. We charge extra for un- altered dogs. 

3. pass our 3 hour temperament test. 

Dogs must be friendly and social to attend daycare/ boarding. We require that you leave your pup with us for 3 hours to make sure they will do well with our pack. We charge $15 for the temperament test. Please call or email to schedule! New dogs are by appointment only. 

Temperament tests are required for un-altered & aggressive dogs as well, to make sure they will get along with our staff and be comfortable in our enviroment. 

4. We do flea/ tick checks. We highly recommend your dog be on an anti-flea/ tick program.  If we find fleas on your dog, we will contact you and your dog will be given a flea bath and treatment at your expense.

5. Complete our registration and agreement form here