spa packages

the works:

Includes: Basic Bath w/ Massage, Blueberry Facial, Ear Clean, Nail Trim, Teeth Brush, Gland Expression & Moisturizing Paw Treatment.


small (0-20 lbs) $40                              medium (21-50 lbs) $45                             large (51-80 lbs) $50                                       x-large (81 lbs+) $55

**Long Haired Dogs additional $10 fee

basic baths

Includes: 2 times shampoo, conditioner, blow dry & brush out (**De-matting/De-shedding fees separate).


small (0-20 lbs) $20                               medium (21-50 lbs) $25                              large (51-80 lbs) $30                                       x-large (81 lbs+) $35

**Long Haired Dogs additional $10 fee

a LA CArte services

Teeth Brushing $5                                         Ear Cleaning $8                                           Nail Trimming $10                                     Anal Glands $15                                           De-mat/ De-shed $10 per 20 min   Mud Mask De-Shed Treatment $10 Flea Shampoo $5                                 Frontline $20                                               Area Trim $8                                           Sanitary Trim $8                                 Blueberry Facial $5                             Moisturizing Paw Treatment $5

hair cuts

Pricing includes cut or shave only. Add a basic bath or spa package to complete your pups spa day! *Sanitary Trim included w/ cut.


small (0-20 lbs) Starts at $30                 medium (21-50 lbs) Starts at $35                 large (51-80 lbs) Starts at $40                          x-large (81 lbs+) Starts at $45



proof of vaccinations are required at time of check-in.

Grooming Services are by appointment only. If you need to reschedule an appointment, please provide us with 24 hour notice. We understand that emergencies arise. Not a problem! Only repeat offenders will be charged a cancelation fee.