$45 per night

Cage free or kennel (depends on dog temperament)

$40 per night, per dog for multiple dogs

$55 per night for separated dogs

Un- Altered Dogs & Dogs who cannot be social with our pack will be kept separate and go on walks through out the day.

$35 per night + regular boarding rate for a Private Doggy Suite

Our Private Suites include large human bed, Dog TV, dog beds, etc. One dog would be charged the following: $45 per night + $35 suite fee per night. Multiple dogs would be charged $40 per dog + $35 suite fee per night.


Over night stays are similar to hotel stays and check out is at noon on the day of pick-up. If you do not pick up at noon a half day daycare fee of $15 is applied up to 4PM and the full daycare rate of $35 is applied if picked up after.

*Please note boarding rates are $10 more per night during ALL Holidays. Make sure to reserve your dogs stay in advance as we will fill up. Temperament test must be done BEFORE we can reserve your dogs stay.